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Natural soy candles - Soy wax jar candles, votives, tealights, tins, melties. Unscented soy pillar candles now available. Free shipping over $100.

Soy container wax with a soy based additive that reduces frosting and allows the wax to hold more fragrance than a pure soy . 444 has > More Info

If you're not familiar with soy wax , you should be. It is much healthier for you --typical Pure Lavender ~ Highly fragranced with lavender essential oil

Pure Soy Candles! Try over 100+ premium candle scents- Soy teas, tins, votives, candle jars, melts and Soy Pillars! Organic Soy Bean Candle Wax ,

This amazing wax is safe and biodegradable, made from pure 100% natural Soy Wax : Ecowaxes are pre-blended ready-to-use candle waxes that require no

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